Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Question Friday - May 6

Happy Friday!  I actually took the day off today (I knew I needed a day off when I found myself thinking "wow, it's been a while since the kids have been sick...maybe one of them will get sick soon so I can stay home.") and had a wonderful relaxing day with my to meet up with all the Brownsville cousins to welcome new baby James at Baptist Women's Hospital, did some shopping, had a super yummy early Mother's Day dinner at Bonefish Grill...great day!

1) Have you ever had roommates?
Yes, but never more than one at a time!  Amy and I were paired up as roommates our freshman year of college, and somehow she managed to put up with me for three more years after that (voluntarily!).  We are still good friends, though I wish we saw each other more (she lives in Little Rock).  And after college, I moved in with Lesley, one of my good friends from high school, for about a year and a half until I was on the road to being engaged and moved home to save money.

2) How many names do you/your children have?
This must've been written by someone whose children have an unusual number of names.  I guess I just always assume that everyone has three names (maybe four, if you're a married woman).  I have an Ashley Susannah and a Tyler Ford.

3) Did you watch the Royal Wedding?
Not yet.  It's on my DVR, and Ashley and I intended to skim through it together, but we just haven't had time.  I did look at lots of pictures and thought Kate was stunning, in both of her dresses.  I hope it works out for them...what a high-pressure situation!  Especially for Kate, to suddenly call Buckingham Palace home (that IS where they'll live, right?  With Queen Grandma and Prince Dad?).

4) What is the messiest room in your house?
Thanks to Mallory, there really are no messy rooms in our house.  I suppose Ashley's room is generally the messiest in the house, unless she has recently cleaned it, in which case I'd have to say that my side of the closet and my side of the bedroom are the messiest!

5) What is your ideal Mother's Day?
Well, hopefully a day as beautiful as today was (weather-wise), spending time relaxing with the two sweetest, most loving children in the world and my equally sweet and loving husband!  That's it, really.  Well, maybe throw in some good chocolate and a nap.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends!

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Lesley said...

I wonder if they mean nicknames included? That doesn't increase my number at all, though.