Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Question Friday - April 8

Hola friends!  It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend...I can't wait!  I'm sorry for all my fellow CPAs out there who will be working ALL DAY LONG both days this weekend...hopefully next weekend it will all be behind you and you can enjoy the weather then. :-(

And now, the questions:

1) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
How am I supposed to limit it to just one thing??   Seriously, we all have a self-improvement to-do list, but I'm not sure I can prioritize it to the point that one thing stands out as the most important.  I guess I would say that I'd wish I wasn't such a people-pleaser sometimes and stop being so worried about what everyone else thinks of me.  I think that it has waned as I've gotten older, but I'm still way too concerned about being perceived as bitchy, or annoying, or lazy, or whatever, and I let that drive a lot of my behavior.

2) Write about a time you got lost.
Honestly, nothing comes to mind.  Back in the day before Mapquest, I always had an atlas and a city map in my car.  And now, I almost always print out directions if I'm going somewhere new.  I'm sure I've been lost before...I can think of a few times when I took a wrong turn...but I realized it pretty quickly and turned around.  I'm sure I'll think of the perfect story as soon as I post this and get back to work!

3) Camping or five-star hotel?
If you know me at all, this question will strike you as comical.  I cannot even fathom why someone would want to go camping.

4) Have you donated blood?
No.  I've thought about it...does that count?  All my life, I've been terrified of needles.  It's actually gotten a little better after growing up and birthing a couple of babies, but I still can't quite bring myself to do it.  Now, if a friend or family member needed it, I think I could definitely handle it.  But who puts themselves through such a yucky experience voluntarily?  Alas, people more concerned about community welfare than I.  Sorry Memphis!

5) Do you have a budget, or do you "fly by" most months?
Budget, definitely.  Mallory and I get "allowances" each month, to spend as we wish, but everything else is pretty well budgeted for.  I'm really not sure how you could run a household with two adults any other way!


Edi McIlwain said...

I am SO looking forward to this weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!

Jessica said...

I loathe tax season. Matt is on call this week 5am-10pm. And if you think those fools don't call at 5am, you would be mistaken.

I didn't even get to finish my post last night, but at least it went up even without all the finishing touches :)

And Matt did finally get my laptop up and running! So more blogging for me!!