Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ashley and Nate

Ashley and Nate first met in two-year old preschool at Christ The King. They spent three years there, and both then ended up going to Germantown Elementary and were in the same class together last year (along with another friend from two-year old class, Audrey). So they've basically known each other their entire lives. We were so excited to find out that Nate is playing for our Pee Wee Bears football team this year -- it's so much more fun to have someone on the field to root for! I found an old pic of Ashley and Nate from Halloween of 2003, and thought it would be fun to compare to this picture that was just taken a few weeks ago. They are growing up too fast!!

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Brandy Spry said...

I can't believe how much Ashley has grown up - 3rd grade, really?! Both kids are too cute!