Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Aunt Helen

Aunt Helen was so sweet to send Ashley a "Happy Back to School" giftcard to Children's Place so that Ashley could pick out some new school clothes (and have the autonomy to choose things I'd never let her get when Mallory and I are paying!). I haven't mastered the art of emailing seems to take forever, when it works at here you go Aunt Helen! In the first couple pics, the entire outfit (from the headband all the way to the shoes!) came from your giftcard. She was also able to get the hoodie jacket and shirt that are in pics 3 and 4. She had so much fun shopping and it was a great lesson in "getting the most for your money"...lots of things got nixed because they weren't worth what they would have cost her. She is wearing the whole green and orange outfit tomorrow, even though I told her she'd probably be burning up with all those layers (I sound just like my mom!).

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Aunt Helen said...

my niece is the cutest little girl in the world! steph, you (& ashley)are amazing--i can't believe you maximized that gift card to purchase ALL of that adorable stuff--unbelievable shopping on your part (indeed you are a perfect match for my brother when you can make money go that far-lol!), & I adore all of her selections! she is such a little fashion queen, & i love her dearly!