Friday, August 14, 2009

Ashley is amazing!

Ashley takes tumbling lessons once a week to help with her cheerleading skills. The gym where they usually meet got flooded a few weeks ago, so they are practicing in a "borrowed" one, which has this cool rope hanging from the ceiling. On her third try, she made it ALMOST to the top, higher than any other girl had gone. It was so cute...they were all chanting "you can do it! Believe in yourself!" She just couldn't make it any farther, but I was so proud of her for ignoring the rope burns on her legs and feet and trying so hard. And this picture really doesn't do it seemed much higher in person. I'd just be scared of how to get down once I exhausted myself to get all the way up there!

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Anonymous said...

Papaw was very impressed with his granddaughter's climbing abilities!