Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Mii Family

If you have a Wii, you know what a Mii is...some of our Miis came out looking so much like the real deal, I just had to share! I think Mallory's and Tyler's are the most life-like (Tyler has two because Ashley wanted to make a new one, but then she made it exactly the same but with a different color shirt and a slightly different smile), but I think they all bear some similarity to their real-life counterparts.
Starting on the top row, Grandpa Schulz (my dad), Mallory, Papaw (Mallory's dad), blue Tyler, Grandma Schulz (my mom -- hers isn't very good!). Second row -- Mamaw (Mallory's mom), red Tyler, me, Aunt Helen (Mallory's sister), and Ashley (I hate the hair on this's actually a ponytail...she needs a new one now that she got her hair cut!).

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