Monday, July 12, 2010

Prayers answered!

Our sweet Buddy has turned the corner! He gave us quite a scare, but over the weekend he got progressively better, and is now in full puppy mode, chewing on everything and looking for mischief wherever he can find it! :-) We'll take it -- we are so grateful!!

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Aunt Helen said...

Thanks be to God that our little Buddy is better & now we pray for our big buddy, Papaw! XO to all Crossmats!
I know Mamaw & Papaw & I will enjoy watching the flip videos of our Ashums & TyTy & baby Buddy--will definitely be something to look forward to tomorrow night--we will have to have "movie night" in Birmingham--that will help cheer Papaw to see his babies before his surgery. Lator, gators!