Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ashley's first day of school

Sorry, people -- I know it's been a while. Here's Ashley on her first day of school, looking every bit like the big fourth grader she is. Fourth grade is a LOT different (and harder) than third grade, but she's been a real trooper and is getting used to the nightly homework routine. She's out in a "portable" this year (all the fourth grade classes are in portables), which is kind of cool, except on rainy days!

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Aunt Helen said...

My precious niece--so grown up!!!!Ashums, that outfit is beyond adorable & looks too cute on you!!!Thanks Steph for the blog update as I have been yearning for one--always love your posts & of course, the pics thrill me! The brownie pictures of Ash, Tyty, & Audrey are great!!! Too funny of our little fella with brownies on his angelic face!! Thanks for sharing! XO!