Friday, July 9, 2010

Praying for Buddy

After many months of discussions, we finally decided to surprise Ashley and Tyler last Monday with Buddy, the newest addition to our family. We are all in love with him, especially Ashley who has been wanting a dog for years now. He is a "Double Doodle", a cross between a Labradoodle dad and a Goldendoodle mom, and is just as sweet and lovable as can be. Already doing super with the potty training, too! Unfortunately, it looks as though he was probably sick when we got him, and has gotten much sicker in the past two days...he is at the vet today for all kinds of tests. Please pray for him, and for us! I'll keep you all posted...


Aunt Helen said...

Hugs & kisses, our precious little Buddy--we are praying for you & hope you feel better soon.
I love you all!
Aunt Helen
P.S. Mamaw & Papaw send their love, & even Papaw has been worried about you & asked about you every day!!!

Challon said...

oh no... the same thing happened to our beagle. She had all kinds of stuff wrong with her but we didn't care what it took to heal her cuz we couldn't deal with Mazzy crying! We'll pray for little Buddy!