Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tyler's birthday parties

Hard to believe my sweet baby is four years old. He is so articulate, and polite (most of the time), and funny! And of course, is the most handsome boy on the planet. He loves listening to music and can name most popular songs within a few seconds of hearing them. He also has a newfound love of rock music...loves Def Leppard, Guns N Roses, etc...he loves that rock guitar sound and when he hears it, he says "This song rocks!" Happy birthday, sweet TyTy!

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Aunt Helen said...

Too precious--oh, how I love my babies!! Wish I could have been at his "big boy" birthday party! Those are great pictures! I would love for you to bring the camera card when yall come to Selma so I can print & frame some (they don't print well off the computer due to low resolution).
By the way, the "summer" package is slated to be at your house when you get home today--just wish Ashums shoes had been available--please explain to her that I am going to buy her a pair too, but need her to help select them since those were backordered. Thanks for e-mailing me the Moss cousin picture--I treasure it dearly--they are all so adorable! Wish I could go to the the Moss reunion with yall, but just no way to leave Daddy right now (bless his heart). Hope Ash's drama practice went well last night!