Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain, rain, and more rain

Well, I would post new pics of the kitchen, but that would be rather pointless since absolutely nothing has happened since my last post a week ago. I've given up being frustrated and angry and have just resigned myself to it, I guess. Sigh. So on to other things...

Tyler's birthday was Saturday...I haven't downloaded my camera yet, so I'll get some party pics up here eventually. We were scheduled to go on a church family retreat Saturday afternoon thru Sunday morning, but due to the horrendous thunderstorms and tornado warnings, they allowed us to cancel it without penalty (the road to the retreat center was flooded). So we spent pretty much all day Saturday inside. Tyler was surprisingly scared of the storms...the tornado sirens went off several times between bedtime Friday night and Sunday morning, and while he didn't really have any experience with storms, he would immediately climb into my lap and would stay there as long as needed, allowing us to turn off his "shows" to watch the weather. He even started requesting to watch the weather whenever it got dark outside, to make sure we were safe! Saturday night at 1:30am, we had to get up and get in the downstairs closet (under the stairs) due to a suspected tornado literally right down the street...luckily it never touched down, I guess, and me and the kids all got in the bed in the guest room so they wouldn't be scared the rest of the night. We all slept in Sunday morning (well, Ashley and Mallory slept in...Tyler woke me up at 7 as usual, but allowed me to nap on the couch while he ate his breakfast and watched his shows for a couple of hours!). Of course, it's absolutely beautiful today (Monday), just in time for everyone to go back to work and school...:-(

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