Friday, June 18, 2010

So much to discuss, so little time

As usual, I keep putting off my blog posting because I don't have time to fool with downloading the camera. So in the interest of keeping my loyal readers up to date, this will be a "words only" post -- sorry! Lots to talk about...first, the kitchen was finally done at the end of May. We love it, and I still do a double-take sometimes when I walk in...I really can't believe that's what our kitchen looks like now! And I've dusted off the cookbooks and have made some real meals (not just frozen lasagna with a can of corn), which feels good :-) SOOOOOOOO glad that project is now behind us!!!!!

We went to the annual Moss Reunion at Perdido Key the first week of June. Sadly, several of the families opted not to go due to the impending oil arrival on the beaches, but I'm so glad we didn't cancel...the beach was just fine, no odor at all, and just a few tarballs to speak of, which were quickly cleaned up by crews roaming the beach. We all had a terrific time, especially compared with last year, when Tyler refused to set foot on the sand, didn't want to spend much time at the pool, and was in the middle of poop potty training. All he wanted to do last year was watch the portable DVD player and whine about how much he missed his toys at home. Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive this year, especially since Mallory could only stay a couple of days, leaving me to be the only grown-up in our condo the rest of the week. But my fears were unfounded...the kids were wonderful, and we had a really great time with all our cousins and extended family! So sad that it only comes once a year :-(

Today is Mallory's last day at Perkins...he accepted a job with Longhorn Steakhouse (the one in Collierville, which is even closer to our house than Perkins was!). We are really excited for him, and are especially looking forward to the employee discount on all the restaurants owned by Darden (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze, etc)! :-) He doesn't start until July 5, so he'll have a couple of weeks to relax (and go stir-crazy being home alone all day!).

I hope to post some new pics soon, so check back in a few days!


Lesley said...

Congrats to Mallory! Cheese biscuits!

Challon said...

LOL - great stories!