Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Rock Weekend

My college roommate, Amy, lives in Little Rock, which is just a two hour drive from Memphis. I used to drive over at least once or twice a year, but after Tyler's birth, the thought of a long drive and an overnight stay with a baby just didn't sound like much fun (for anyone!). But now that Tyler is so much more pleasant to travel with (potty trained AND easily entertained by the DVD player), we miraculously found a weekend when we were both free and the kids and I journeyed over to LR. We got to see her daughter Emily play soccer and went downtown to the Museum of Discovery...Tyler even missed his nap and was still pretty agreeable!

It was a great afternoon, until Tyler started complaining that his stomach hurt. He NEVER says this, so I knew something was up. My mommy intuition told me to have a trash can nearby, but did I listen? You all know what's coming next...he threw up what seemed like a two-liter's worth, all over himself, me, Amy's rug, etc. The poor little guy spent the rest of the night asleep in the middle of the living room floor, waking up every half hour or so to barf some more (surrounded by towels and a bucket!). Thankfully he felt better in the morning, but we sure did put some miles on Amy's washer and dryer! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that he didn't pass it along to anyone in their family, or we may never be invited back again! :-)

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