Friday, March 12, 2010

Cute Tyler Story

For quite some time now, Tyler has wanted to be a race car driver when he grows up (fed by his obsession with the movie "Cars", not because we watch NASCAR!). However, he has recently gotten quite good at doing the ski jump on the Wii Fit, and he was excited to see real people doing it at the Olympics. I told him maybe he could be a ski jumper when he grows up, and he said "No Mom, I'm going to be a race car driver!" So I said, "Well, maybe you could be a race car driver during the day and a ski jumper at night." He seemed satisfied with this answer and decided he could do both.

Fast forward a couple of weeks...Tyler had a cold with a cough this week (thank you Ashley, for sharing your cold with both me and Tyler on top of the stomach flu!). As I was tucking him in the other night, I saw the rocking chair in the corner of his room...we haven't rocked before bed in over a year and I was about to give it away, but it just hasn't made it out of his room yet. I thought sitting up and rocking might help with the coughing, so we went over and rocked. I was telling him that I rocked Ashley when she was a baby in this chair, and I rocked him when he was a baby in this chair. Tyler says "And some day when I have a kid, I'll rock my baby in this chair!" I didn't want to tell him I was about to give the chair away, so I said "Oh, you'll probably want to get a new rocking chair for your baby." So he thought for a minute, and said "Well, when I go to the store to get my racing outfit, and my racing helmet, and my Olympics outfit, and my Olympics helmet, I'll get a rocking chair for my baby!" Apparently, he thinks he'll just wake up one day and he'll be a grown-up, at which time he can go to the "grown-up" store and buy everything he needs to get started with his adult life! I love that kid...

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HSMason said...

sweet tyler... maybe you could save the rocking chair for your grandkids?