Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Fun

I know, I know...been slacking on the blog again. Uploading pics to Facebook is just so much easier!
I think October is my favorite month, both because of the weather and the fun fall activities. When it hasn't been raining, it's been gorgeous here. The pic with my dad is on his 61st birthday. The pic of the kids on the train is at the "Picnic in the (Pumpkin) Patch" that we have at our church each year (the youth sell pumpkins to raise money for their choir tour). And of course, the pic of Woody and the snow princess is for Halloween. Tyler has had a costume phobia all his life until this year, and even then he had to be talked into it, but once he put on the Woody costume, he realized how much fun it can be. And I couldn't believe our very anti-princess Ashley would choose this costume (in fact, I wouldn't buy it for her when she first picked it out...I told her she had to sleep on it because I couldn't believe it), but she was beautiful and had a wonderful time with her friends (we went to a neighborhood Halloween party with some of her friends from school). This was Tyler's first time to trick or treat...he went to two houses and then declared that he'd had enough (realized how much walking was involved!), so he and I went back to the party while Ashley continued on with her friends and their parents. Good times!

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Aunt Helen said...

Love the pics-fabulous!