Monday, December 7, 2009

New pics coming!

I'm sure you've all given up on my blog by now, as I can never find time to download the camera. But I finally did it yesterday...many new pics from 11/1 thru yesterday! I will sort thru and get a post going in the next few days (hopefully! Busy weekend ahead!). Also, I am very proud of myself...for the first time in about three years, I am sending out Christmas cards! The past few years, I've been so disappointed in myself for forgetting to do this until it's just too late. The kids were dressed Christmas-y yesterday morning before church, so I decided it was then or never. For those of you who will receive our card, you will see that Tyler, who is usually my camera hog, was in too silly of a mood to cooperate, but I went with it captures Tyler's personality perfectly. I don't want to post the pic here and ruin the surprise! :-)


Aunt Helen said...

Can Aunt Helen have a sneak peek of the Christmas pic? Can't wait to see those angels all dressed up! I thought they were gone this past weekend--would have called them Sunday if had known they were home for second Sunday in a row!! Oh well, at least I got to talk to them Monday night! So glad you are doing Christmas cards this year--know they will be adorable!!!If I can have a sneak peek, email it to me, & I won't show it to anyone (not even Mamaw or Papaw)! By the way, your husband did well Christmas shopping for you yesterday (all on his own with no suggestions from Mamaw or Tutter!) I was very proud of him & now if he will just wait until Christmas day to give you your present, you will be so proud of him too!!! XO to all Crossmats!

Lesley said...

I still have all the old cards with Ashley's picture on it--I keep them with my other pictures. I just realized the other day that this year, I won't need to buy Christmas cards at the after-sales (though I love doing it) because I will probably do photo cards next year! Whoa. :)