Wednesday, July 1, 2009


If there is still anyone who bothers to check my blog, I'm sorry for being such a slacker! My biggest problem is that I'm just not much of a photographer, and I feel like blog posts are always more interesting with pictures. So if you'll indulge me and let me do some "word only" posts, I promise I'll try to be a more regular blogger!

With that said, here's a funny Tyler anecdote for you: he came down with some sort of illness yesterday, as he was quite hoarse when I picked him up from school and then fever set in during the night. He must have heard me tell someone on the phone that he had a "croupy" cough, because when we arrived at Grandma Schulz's this morning, he said to her in a very dejected, pitiful voice "I'm sick Grandma. I feel creepy."

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