Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tyler's party

Well, originally I wasn't going to do much of a party for Tyler, because he didn't really care one way or the other. I figured I'd just invite a couple of my friends and their kids out to a playground for a little play date and bring some cupcakes. Things are never quite that simple, and it evolved into inviting our entire Sunday School class and all their children for a picnic lunch party after church at said playground. Well, wouldn't you know it has rained non-stop this entire weekend, so everyone ended up coming over to our house after church today. It worked out fine...we had a pinata that we beat to death (or should I say, Ashley beat to death) in the garage (note to self: next time, parents would probably appreciate you sweeping out the garage before inviting kids to crawl all over the floor picking up candy!). A good time was had by all, and now we can FINALLY stop eating cake and get back to normal (after you can see by the size of that cake, there is a ton left, that will find itself on the table in the breakroom at work tomorrowm morning!).

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