Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our life is so dull sometimes...

OK, now I see why I've been such a blog slacker...there's so little to write about in our everyday life! Most of you probably know that Mallory is looking for a new job at the moment, so when he's not posting resumes and having interviews, he's been cutting down tree limbs, cleaning out the garage, keeping the house clean, doing the grocery shopping, etc. We are going to be painting our bedroom this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some before and after pics to share Sunday. Once that's done, if he hasn't found a job yet, I fully expect to come home and find him rebuilding the house brick by brick, just to keep himself occupied! He is not one who enjoys down time, unlike his lazy wife! :-)

Ashley is in the midst of having orthodontic work done...she has an appliance across the roof of her mouth and a retainer wire along the inside of her bottom teeth. We've had to tighten the appliance at home every night for three weeks (I had one of these as well, but she's handled it a lot better than I did!), and Dr. Parris said yesterday that we're almost there...just 5 more tightenings and we'll be done with that part. She'll keep that in for six months, though, and she'll be getting braces across her upper front teeth next time we go, so soon she'll look very different! Third grade starts in less than a month...where does the time go?

Tyler is...well, Tyler. It's so hard to put into words what a funny little person he is. He says the funniest things sometimes, and he's become even more loving lately than he already was, lavishing hugs and real kisses (not just putting his mouth on us) and telling us "I love you" all the time. He is obsessed with popular music and is constantly asking me who sings various songs and what the name of the songs are. He can identify songs after hearing just a note or two...his favorites right now are "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas and pretty much anything by Nickelback.


Challon said...

Both of my girls love Boom Boom Pow too!

Philip and Renie said...

If Mallory finishes up there, send him to Birmingham. Our house is falling apart around us! Seriously though, we will be praying that the perfect job falls into Mallory's lap very soon!