Saturday, May 2, 2009

TyTy Turns Three!

Here are a few pics from his birthday last night. Gramma and Grampa Schulz picked Ashley up after school and the three of them decorated our house so Tyler would be surprised when we got home. He got a t-ball set and a t-shirt from Aunt Helen, a big boy bike and helmet from Mommy and Mallory, clothes, a Spiderman umbrella, and new sections for his train track from G & G, and lots of stuff from Mamaw and Papaw...a new floaty-vest for swimming, some jungle animals, and a water balloon ball game. The umbrella is his favorite so far...he and Ashley have been pretending it's raining in the house all last night and all morning so far. Sure wish it wasn't really raining outside, as we are scheduled to have a big party at a park tomorrow after church, and I have a bad feeling we'll be hosting all those people inside our house tomorrow instead!

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