Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Boy Bed!

Tyler finally got to sleep in his big boy bed for the first time last night. It's Mallory's old bed from when he was little. Tyler was so thrilled...he's been asking for a big boy bed for quite a while now (it took us a while to get it polished up and to get new mattresses for it). This picture makes it look like the lights are on, but that's actually due to the flash...I took it after he fell asleep tonight. I've also included a cute pic of the kids sharing Mommy's iPod on our bed last week.
Update: I should also mention that Tyler is potty trained now! Even wears underwear to bed. He's had the pee pee part down pat for probably at least a month now, but the pooping part was a little more's really just been in the past week or so that we've had good success with that. We are so proud of him! Once he decided he was ready, it was really pretty easy! He is growing up fast these days.

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Jessica said...

What a big boy! I LOVE those sheets!
Charlotte loves her big girl bed. And all her friends love to come over and jump on it...

And if you want to be cutesy- I made matching covers for C's bed rails out of the same fabric as her duvet cover- it makes the bed extra cozy because I padded them as well as making them extra cute and matchy.