Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not Done Yet!

OMG! I don't think our bathroom is ever going to be finished. Very little has happened since my last post (what was that, a week and a half ago?). It has now been NINE weeks since we signed the contract for what was supposed to have been a 2-4 weeks job. Ha! Thank goodness we have other bathrooms to use in the meantime, but it certainly makes us rethink the future kitchen remodel, as we don't have another one of those that we can use for the six months or so that it might take this contractor!

Nothing else new going on. Mallory's dad had surgery last week to remove another brain tumor and is supposed to be starting radiation treatments soon to hopefully prevent any more from growing. Keep him in your prayers! We had a fun adventure driving home from Birmingham last week...I wrote about it on Facebook, so I'm not going to recap here. Happy Easter to all!

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