Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Question Friday - Oct 7

1)  What is your go-to comfort food or sweet?  The problem is, I don't just have one.  Fresh doughnuts, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, potato chips, Mellow Mushroom pizza, my mom's mashed potatoes with ham gravy...these are a few of my favorite things (sung like Julie Andrews).

2) What is the most romantic place you've ever been to?  Gosh, nothing immediately comes to mind.  I went to Bonne Terre a long time ago (before they changed hands and then closed) and it was lovely.  I've been to some nice restaurants.  But I can't really think of anywhere I've been where the surroundings themselves made me think "ooh, this is so romantic!".  Something to add to my bucket list!

3) What is your favorite thing about Fall/Halloween? The weather.  Memphis has beautiful, temperate weather in the days mixed in with warmer days, lots of sunshine.  I love when it finally gets cool enough to wear jeans and sweaters.

4) How would you spend 24 hours alone?  OK friends, don't hate me, but I'm actually about to spend THE ENTIRE WEEKEND alone, starting in about 2 1/2 hours, and I cannot wait...I've been anticipating this for a while now!  Tonight, I will totally veg on the couch and catch up on all the DVR'd shows that have been building up all week.  Tomorrow, I have absolutely NOWHERE to be (which is unusual), so I'll hopefully get some exercise, paint my toenails, do some housecleaning, and meet up with a girlfriend or two for some shopping (maybe Mistletoe Merchants?).  And spend time reading (I'm in the middle of a couple of great books, but never get to read more than a couple pages at a time!) and playing on Facebook, I'm sure.  By Sunday I'll be getting a little lonely and will be wishing for Mallory and the kids to be around, but I will quickly remember that not many weekends like this come around and to treasure every moment! :-)

5) Does your husband bring you flowers?  Are you the "bring-me-flowers" type of girl?  He has sent me flowers at least a couple of times, which is very sweet.  I know they can be ridiculously expensive and they die after a few days, but there's just something about fresh flowers...I'd be totally happy for him to bring me home some Costco flowers, which are beautiful AND economical (hint, hint!!) :-)

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