Friday, July 1, 2011

5QF - July 1

Can you believe the year is HALF OVER????  And that summer is HALF OVER (at least, for those for those of us whose kids go back to school in early August)???  Sometimes it feels like life is on fast forward.  Mallory starts his new job with On The Border today, so more details on how that's going next week.  And Happy July 4th to everyone...oh, how I LOVE Monday holidays! :-)

1) If you had the opportunity to bungee jump, would you?
There are few things that I think would be more terrifying than stepping into nothingness.  I consider myself a pretty open-minded person, but my brain just can't comprehend how anyone would enjoy doing that.  Though I will say that I think skydiving is even MORE crazy than bungee jumping...if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to choose between them, I think I'd prefer bungee least you're attached to something!

2) Would you rather got to the movie theater or the drive-in?
Honestly, I had kind of forgotten that Memphis still HAS a drive-in.  I have so many fond memories of hanging out there on Friday nights in high school, and I've always MEANT to take the kids, but I've just never thought about it at a time when we could actually do it.  And now it's so dad-blamed hot may have to wait a little longer.  Of course, if I wait much longer, I'll probably find out that the drive-in has closed and I will have missed my chance.  So I guess my answer is "movie theater"!

3) Do you have your groceries delivered?
I'm not sure what part of the country these questions come from, but I don't know ANYONE who has their groceries delivered.  Do YOU know anyone?  I don't even know how you'd accomplish this, except maybe through  I can't imagine doing this, because I'm not very good at making shopping lists (unless I'm working from a specific recipe, which most of you know doesn't happen very often!).  My grocery shopping style is walking up and down every aisle, which triggers my memory of using up the last of the brown rice, or throwing away the Lucky Charms box yesterday.

4) Eyebrows -- do you wax, thread, pluck, or stay au naturale?
Pluck.  I am addicted to my tweezers and seriously cannot be away from them for more than about 24 hrs.  Given my addiction, there is no way I could actually let my eyebrows "grow out" enough to get them waxed or threaded.

5) Would the people you went to High School with be surprised by your life today?
Nope.  The only thing they might be vaguely surprised by is that I'm divorced (what? Perfect Stephanie made a mistake?), but other than that, I'd say my life has pretty much played out the way I expected it to. 

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babydoc1030 said...

We have several grocery stores up here who deliver for a pretty reasonable fee. We have used it from time to time. It's really great to have all your groceries delivered right to your front door. I HATE grocery shopping, though. I think that goes back to my med school days when every minute I was at the grocery store was a minute I thought I should be studying and I would literally almost have a panic attack while standing in line looking at tabloids and candy displays. Paying someone a few dollars is worth the time and stress of going to the store for me. We also have much lower sales tax for groceries here, so overall the cost balances out.