Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trip to Selma

As you may recall from the pics of our trip in November, getting inside the dog kennel is always a popular activity, and somehow both of them managed to squeeze in it this time (I feel a bit claustrophobic just looking at this pic!). I wish I had thought to take more pics...the kids had a wonderful time at the golf course, with Ashley getting her first driving lesson on a golf cart and Tyler trying to play golf on the practice putting green. We also got our first introduction to Mr. Waffle, which has been a daily tradition at the Cross house for many years now...the kids

thought it was the best restaurant ever (we had to order more food because they scarfed down everything we had ordered for them and started eating ours!). I have to admit, it was pretty yummy!

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Adam, Brandy, Cohen, Balen & Ripley said...

Mr.Waffle - never heard of it - but sounds like I need to get a proper introduction! The dog kennel pic is great...I've been thinking about getting ours out to help contain Balen (just kidding). Your family seems to have lots of fun times together!!