Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Bathroom - part 1

So here are the before and early demolition pics from our master bathroom (why do the pics always come in in the opposite order that I selected them???). The before pics really don't do it justice...the bathroom was much uglier than it looks in these pics! The cabinet is the original 1979 cabinet, but the previous owners thought they'd "renew" it by painting it a really ugly green color. The top is ugly brownish cultured marble, and the sink was all cracked and gross (note to those of you with cultured marble sinks...running straight hot water in the sink will ruin it!). The walls were bumpy and were painted a lovely vomit brown. There was also a built in shower (no tub)...the light fixture melted itself not long after I moved here, so showers after that were pretty dark. There has actually been more progress than this, but I haven't downloaded those pics yet.

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