Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picture download

Sorry for being a slacker! It may continue, as now I cannot locate the charger to the camera, and the battery is almost dead! And the pictures came in in the reverse order that I selected them, so you'll just have to figure out which description goes with which pic.
The first pic is of Ashley on you can tell, she was an artist, which was her idea. I was so proud of her for coming up with's so much more fun to piece together a costume than spend $30 on some pre-made one. There are no pictures of Tyler, as he refused to wear any sort of costume. I don't think he quite got it this year, but he was adamant (for many weeks in a row) that he did not want to wear anything other than his normal clothes for any occasion, which honestly was fine with me. He and I stayed at home, while Ashley went trick-or-treating with her friend Paige. I thought he's get a kick out of seeing other kids come to the door in costumes, but since we had no trick or treaters this year, it was a pretty low-key holiday.
The other two pics are from our trip to Selma to visit Mallory's family last weekend. Ashley fell in LOVE with Mamaw's dogs, Trotter and Windsor, and spent every spare moment cuddling with them, walking them, etc. It was very cute, especially since she is not too familiar with dogs and we were all a little worried how the dogs and kids would get along. As you can see, Tyler made himself at home -- he would get in the kennel and shut the door and say "No, Puppy!" when one of the dogs would try to get in there with him. We had a great was nice to get away, especially since we had not been to Selma since Christmas (and the kids had never been!).


Jessica said...

Hey Stephanie!
This is Matt's wife and you now have the pleasure of being blog-stalked by me!!

You are welcome to come spy on us as well...

I am much better about posting new pictures of Charlotte than Matt.

Lesley said...

I love Ashley's Halloween costume. What a great idea she had!
And Tyler is so precious and funny. Already too cool to dress up on Halloween. :)