Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's a ham for Thanksgiving!

Ashley has never been fond of having her picture taken. There are times when she is more amenable to the idea than others, but I often get a tongue sticking out or an arms-folded, frowny face pose (I know Aunt Helen can relate!). Tyler, on the other hand, seems to now love having his picture taken. If the camera is within reach, he will give it to me and tell me to take his picture...he'll smile beautifully, then immediately ask to "See TyTy" on the screen so he can see how it turned out. He also pointed to a picture of the Campbell's Soup boy and told his teacher, "That's TyTy!"...I think that first picture lets you see the resemblance. The final picture is with his friend Annalise, who is just one month younger than him...they've known each other since they were born and Annalise's mom used to keep Tyler for me when she was still a stay-at-home mom...I'd love it if they stayed friends so we can capture pictures of them as they grow!

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