Monday, September 22, 2008

The last "real" Mid-South Fair

As usual, I forgot to take my camera to yet another fun family outing, so I took this picture with my phone...I am amazed I even got them in the frame, as the cars were moving pretty fast and there's quite a delay between the time you push the button and the time it actually snaps the picture! At first Tyler was not interested in riding any rides and was content to sit in the stroller and watch Ashley have all the fun, but once we talked him into riding this with Ashley, he was hooked and cried every time a ride was over and he had to get out. And this picture makes me smile because I know my parents have a similar picture of me when I was little riding a ride just like this.

I so wish I'd had my camera, because seeing Tyler's face at the petting zoo was priceless. I don't think he's ever been up close to real animals like that...he loved petting the bunny rabbits and also enjoyed the baby chicks who were chirping very loudly and the sheep who tried to climb out of his pen to get more of the food Ashley was feeding them. There were also two little baby goats who were playing and butting heads with each other, which was very cute. Grandma works at the Fair office, and so she went with us to the pony rides...I thought Tyler might do it when Grandma agreed to walk with him, but he chickened out. He was fine with watching Sister do it.

We also enjoyed all the yummy fair food, though the funnel cake was overcooked. And I totally forgot to introduce Mallory to the joy of a deep fried candy bar! We had a really wonderful day, though, and I'm so glad Mallory got to experience the Mid-South Fair the way it's been since I was little (minus Libertyland, of course) year it moves to Tunica, MS, and while I'm sure it will still be fun (and we'll probably still go), it just won't be the same. Kind of like the Enchanted Forest...I'm so glad they still have it, but it will never be as magical as it was down in the basement at Lowenstein's downtown.

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