Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th Fun!

What a nice holiday weekend so far! Yesterday we grilled out and had my parents and my aunt and uncle over, which was a lot of fun. My aunt and uncle live in Hernando, which isn't that far, btu we almost never see them and they had never met Mallory, so we all had a good time catching up. Today poor Mallory had to go back to work, but I am thoroughly enjoying having one whole day to myself (the kids are at their dad's) to clean the house, do some blogging, and maybe do a little shopping, all completely uninterrupted.

The first pic is of Ashley introducing Tyler to the joys of bubble wrap. After they sat here and popped individual bubbles for a while, Ashley laid it out on the floor and they had big fun stomping all over was like indoor firecrackers! The second pic is obviously of Tyler and Mallory swinging...for lunch on the 4th, we got some Wendy's and went to the playground for a little picnic. Due to a storm that was about to blow in, we were the only people there, but we managed to get in a little bit of play (in the sprinkles) before Tyler got attacked by some ants and we decided it was about time to head home for a nap anyway. The third picture is of the kids playing in the sprinkler that Ashley was dying to play in. Tyler was not a fan and stayed mostly on the outskirts of the water. Ashley quickly discovered that sprinklers aren't nearly as fun as the commercials make them out to be...don't think I'll have to hear about that sprinkler again for a while!

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