Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stephanie from A to Z

This came from Alethea's blog, and everyone knows I'm a sucker for random question surveys, especially when I am trying to avoid working!

A: Attached or single? Attached to Mallory, for almost 9 months now

B: Best friends? Mallory, Carrie, Kelly, Alethea, Jennifer

C: Cake or Pie? Cake, and I'm pretty particular. I don't really love those super-sweet, lard-and-sugar frosted masterpieces from the supermarket bakery (though I will say Costco makes a delicious cake, and at a super bargain price! But it's not every day you need a cake that serves 48!). Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is a favorite, as is fresh strawberry cake from Miss Muff'n. Carrot cake is yummy too!

D: Day of choice: Saturday

E: Essential Items: my cell phone, Diet Dr. Pepper, chocolate, Krispy Kreme donuts

F: Favorite color? probably pink

G: Gummy Bears or worms? not a fan of either -- too chewy. Definitely Sour Patch Kids!

H: Hometown: Memphis

I: Favorite indulgence: most any kind of baked goods, especially donuts and brownies

J: January or July: January...July in Memphis is just unpleasant.

K: Kids: Ashley and Tyler

L: Life isn't complete without...? my family

M: Marriage Date: April 20, 2008

N: Number of brothers and sisters: none

O: Oranges or apples: Apples

P: Phobia: large bugs, burglars/kidnappers/bad guys

Q: Quotes: Not sure who to attribute it to, but I hear it and say it often "Everything happens for a reason"

R: Reason to smile? When Tyler or Ashley hug me for no reason other than they felt like it.

S: Season? Fall

T: Tag 5 people: well, I don't know many people who keep blogs, and I'm not really sure who reads mine except for Kelly and Alethea!

U: Unknown fact: in elementary school, I used to love to be in plays.

V: Veggie: broccoli

W: Worst habit: laziness

X: X-ray or ultrasound: what kind of question is that? Sounds like the question author was getting tired and couldn't think of anything else!

Y: Your favorite food? Desserts

Z: Zinc or sunscreen: see X :)

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