Saturday, June 28, 2008

A perfect Saturday morning

What a perfect morning! Overcast and a little cool, with a nice breeze. We got up and the kids got haircuts first thing this morning, then we stopped for yummy, messy, sticky donuts! We drove around Germantown for a little while to find some of the horses...if you don't know, Germantown commissioned 10-12 beautiful horse statues painted by various artists and positioned them around town (Kelly has a great slideshow of all of them on her blog). Then we decided to stop by a park near our house and spent a good long while there...the weather was absolutely perfect and the kids had great fun on the playground. Ashley has become quite adept at climbing up and down the VERY tall fireman's pole they have there, and Tyler, who has never enjoyed swinging at all, had so much fun swinging that Ashley and I were worn out from taking turns pushing him. We must have pushed him for at least half an hour, and he still wasn't ready to get out! Then it was time to head home for lunch and a nap for Tyler (which is the only reason I have enough free time to post this!).

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