Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today the Germantown Community Library had a really neat event called "Touch a Truck". They had a fire truck, an ambulance, a police car, a garbage truck, a street sweeper, a bulldozer, a crane, and some other cool vehicles that kids could get in and climb around on. I thought Tyler would love it, as he is always pointing out vehicles like those, and it seems like all boys are born loving that kind of stuff, so we went over after lunch. However, I didn't take into account that all of those vehicles would be occupied by kids honking the horns and blaring the sirens, all in one small parking lot. Tyler was clutched onto my hip and wouldn't let go...he spent much of the time saying "no no" or hiding his face on my shoulder. However, they did have a cool old fire truck which had been painted Tiger Blue and was all decked out to support the Tigers, so I did manage to get Ashley's picture, as I groaned under the 30 lbs of sticky sweaty boy attached to my hip and shoulder.

Tyler's picture is in his favorite place...Mallory's car. He loves cars of all types and points them out often...he also knows the Ford (Daddy), Jeep (Mommy), VW (Mallory), and Mazda (Grandma) logos and points them out whenever he sees them. But he loves Mallory's car and Grandma's car the most because they unknowingly opened a door that cannot be closed...they allowed him to sit in the driver's seat and play around one day, and now he is obsessed. He wakes up in the morning saying "car? car?" which we all know means "can we go out to Mallory's car now?" If Mallory, heaven forbid, leaves the house in his car, Tyler cries because now there is no chance of getting in it until Mallory returns. He never tires of playing in the car...we have all waited as long as we possibly could, thinking that surely today would be the day when 45 minutes is long enough, but we have to finally pull him screaming and crying out of the car so we can go inside and cool off.

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