Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Hi everyone! Nothing much going on here...Mallory has been working hard in the front yard, and has torn out pretty much everything in the front flowerbeds (it was all half-dead, if not totally dead!). Looking much better already, even with nothing in them! Mallory is going to grill out some hamburgers for us later on the new Weber grill he won at work (which I put together all by myself, thank you very much!). Here are some random pics I took this morning. Tyler was very glad to see us after 4 days with his dad, as evidenced by his chilling out with Mallory shortly after the kids got home. Ashley, as you can see, spent most of the weekend swimming and is feeling the effects of too little sunscreen today. And Tyler climbed up on the couch and got comfy himself while watching Elmo right before naptime.

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