Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ashley is 9 today!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to include with this post. I thought about it while we were eating breakfast, then forgot as we were rushing out the door. Than Mallory and I had lunch with her at school...both my camera and my Flip were right there in my purse, but did I think to pull either of them out? Of course not. Suffice it to say, she looked adorable today, and was so thrilled to be celebrating her birthday...of course, she actually gets a week of celebrating, between her dad, us, all her various grandparents, and her friends. I will definitely take some pics at her slumber party Saturday night so you can all marvel at how much older she looks :-)


Renie said...

Happy birthday, Ashley!

Challon said...

Slumber parties are so much fun & you really get to see how she interacts with friends for a long, long day & night. lol