Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Year's Eve

Here's a pic of me and Mallory that I took of us on New Year's Eve at the Peabody. I had totally forgotten about it until I plugged up the camera. Not the greatest pic, but wanted to share it anyway since I don't post many pics of us on here.

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Jessica said...

Guardian Angel is GREAT- we fostered with them for years and they are one of the more flexible and realistic rescues out there.

There are some rescue groups who won't adopt out animals to families with kids under 10 and crap like that. I mean, isn't the goal to get the animals homes?

Feel free to ask Matt about it or email me (should have my email on my profile, if not ask Matt). We can help you out if you have any questions and you are welcome to use us for a reference. :)