Monday, October 13, 2008

A few other odds and ends...

Can you believe it? Three posts in one day??? You can tell I finally had time to download the camera tonight! These are just some other random pics I wanted to share...the one of me and the kids in the little train was at the Pink Palace Crafts Fair a couple weekends ago. The PPCF is a family tradition in my family, and I was so excited to be able to share it with Mallory and the kids this year. Obviously, Tyler's favorite part was this choo-choo train (they also had a petting zoo that he thought was pretty cool, though he was hesitant to actually touch anything, or even get out of the stroller for that matter.

The tent that Ashley got from Gramma a few years ago has now taken up permanent residence in a corner of the playroom. She usually sleeps in it on one of the weekend nights that she's home, and Tyler also likes getting in there occasionally.

The third one just made me laugh...Tyler was walking around "talking" to Grampa on the phone (most of his pretend phone conversations involve Grampa). He just looked so serious and grown-up pacing back and forth, having this important phone conversation.
The last picture is entitled "Portrait of a Grouchy Cheerleader"...she hates when I take pictures of her in front of her friends and was just in quite a mood this particular morning, but it was the last regular-season game, so I wanted to get a picture.

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Lesley said...

Tyler does look like a teeny tiny man there on his phone.
And I can't believe Ashley's already in the "mo-ooom" stage when you bust out the camera!